Our Team

We are Carol & Laryssa

Our journey began in Byron Bay, Australia, where we crossed paths while pursuing our Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda. United by crescent moons in our natal charts, we share a positive outlook on life.

For Carol, Mars fuels her drive and determination, allowing her to break patterns and approach life with a unique and imaginative perspective. Her deep connection to Ayurvedic studies spans eight years, and she wears many hats – a photographer, entrepreneur, occultist, cook, dreamer, and mother.

In contrast, Laryssa’s strength lies in her ability to delve into the depths of traditional knowledge, coupled with a talent for organisation and open, empathetic communication. Her fascination with the human body and cosmos guided her to become an Ayurvedic practitioner. Her many interests include art, social causes, education, and travel.

Together, we envisioned and brought to life “My Ayurvedic Diary.”

This diary is designed to help you integrate Ayurvedic practices even in the busiest schedules. Through self-discovery, empowerment, and autonomy, we aim to elevate awareness and enable women to seize control of their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We’re sharing our very best with you.

Harnessing the tools of Vedic Astrology, ancient wisdom, women’s health insights, and educational texts, “My Ayurvedic Diary” is crafted to empower you on your life’s journey.

Together, we encompass all – each of you, incredible women who learn and grow daily from life’s experiences, embracing your natural and cyclical essence with authenticity and heart.